Why Ayeza And Danish Engagement Broke Before their Marriage

Danish explained how the two initially met on the popular social networking site Orkut in 2007-08 when there was no other social media , where he discovered that Ayeza was his fan. After the two began conversing, Danish felt like Ayeza Khan was his soulmate. He then met Ayeza’s mother, and asked for his hand in marriage.but before this due to some reasons they ended their relationship. Danish and Ayeza didnt reveal the reason and told that famous drama producer Abdullah Kadwani know about their relation and already cast them both in his drama which after breakup both ayeza and danish refuse to do and Danish told that Abdullah Kadwani played an important role in our patch up and soon after that drama they both got married .

Ahsan Khan has launched his new show on Express Entertainment Channel titled “Time Out with Ahsan Khan.” In the previous program, famous Pakistani celebrity couple Danish Taimoor and Aiza Khan were the guests. The two talked about each other openly in Ahsan Khan’s Tv Show.