Tiktoker Sehar Hayat Criticized by her Fans For Dramatic Pregnancy Announcement

The Tiktoker shared the joyous news of her pregnancy in a recent vlog alongside her husband, Sami Rasheed. Expressing their excitement, the couple revealed that the revelation took them by surprise. Sehar admitted she was initially skeptical, but after receiving confirmation from doctors, she couldn’t contain her happiness.

Eager to share their joy, they also informed their social media circle, including friends like Kanwal Aftab, Zulqarnain Sikandar, and Jannat Mirza about the wonderful addition to their family. The announcement marks a special chapter in their lives, spreading happiness among their online community.

Sehar Hayat is facing fan criticism over what some perceive as a theatrical pregnancy announcement, . Critics on social media contend that the couple is now monetizing their baby-related news, accusing them of seeking attention for views.