Shamoon Abbasi Controversial Remarks about his Daughter and Ex-Wife

Anzela’s wedding saw the enthusiastic participation of nearly all family members and friends, except for her father, Shamoon Abbasi, who is also Juvaria Abbasi’s ex-husband. His absence sparked curiosity, and numerous individuals questioned the reasons behind it. Shamoon Abbasi responded to the queries via a Facebook post, shedding light on the matter and offering an explanation for his non-attendance.

Following Shamoon Abbasi’s post, Juvaria Abbasi responded subtly by sharing a meaningful quote on her social media. The quote she reposted conveyed the message, “A healthy mind refrains from speaking negatively about others.”

Many people are upset about Shamoon Abbasi’s rude post. They believe he should have stayed quiet on his daughter’s important day, even if he’s not close to her anymore. They think ruining her special day was unnecessary, and he’s only making himself look bad.