Sarah Khan Update her Fans about her Health

Yesterday, Pakistani singer Falak Shabir took to social media, sharing a hospital picture of his wife, Sarah Khan, and earnestly requested prayers from their fans. The image prompted concerns among Sarah Khan’s admirers, particularly as she underwent an MRI procedure. However, today, Sarah Khan has taken to her own social media platform to provide a reassuring health update. She gratefully informed her followers that she is now in improved health and expressed her heartfelt gratitude for their unwavering support and prayers during this trying time.

In her Instagram post, she wrote, “During a time like this, we realize how much our fans and friends really mean to us. Can’t thank you all enough for all the love and prayers! I’m home and feeling much better now.” She also humorously added, “Who needs a doctor when you have a husband like Falak Shabir. Alhamdulliah.”

In response, Falak Shabir also extended his thanks to their fans, expressing his gratitude with a simple “Shukria everyone.” These updates from the couple have certainly eased the worries of their well-wishers and emphasized the importance of the support system they have in their fans and each other