Reema Khan on Set of her Ramazan Transmission

Reema and Imran Abbass are doing a Raamzan Transmission for channel Aaj name Baran-E-Rehmat” – Which is  Pakistan’s Biggest Ever Ramadan Transmission to air Live from Pakistan and Turkey, Bringing big stars Reema Khan, Imran Abbas Naqvi, and Farhan Ali Waris And Exclusive Interviews with Ertugrul Cast on one screen. One word for our beautiful host of Baran-e-Rehmat @iamreemakhan

“Baran-E-Rehmat” Iftar Transmission with @iamreemakhan and @farhanawarisofficial Day 2. Watch Pakistan’s Biggest Ever Ramadan Transmission From Turkey and Pakistan every day at 3 PM till 8 PM on Aaj Entertainment.

in this Transmission, Imran Abbas join the Program from Turkey and Reema Khan from can also watch Ertufurl Cast Interviews in Coming shows