Pakistani Model Aisha Linnea Got Married

Aisha Linnea is a famous model of Pakistan .she is the ex-wife of Model/Actor Shahbaz Shigri who is now engaged to Singer Aima Baig

she wrote the details of her wedding event ,  I got married earlier this year in a tiny ceremony held in my parent’s garden. It was extremely liberating in terms of time and money not to have to plan the perfect day for months on end, I had around ten days to plan this event and pretty much went with whatever was easiest and made most sense. I had simple clothes made to match a dupatta my mother-in-law already had for me, did my own hair and makeup (so forgive any imperfections) and had one 15 minute meeting with where my only real instruction was ‘no gold sofa and just make it look pretty in the budget I have!’ .

I didn’t feel the need to strive for perfection because I already knew it would be perfect based on the person I was choosing to marry.

Thank you to @nabakhalid_ for the lovely photos and a public thank you to my family and friends for making the day so special and one last one to my husband (who is not on Instagram, so don’t go searching!) for being the most unique, supportive and wonderful person I have ever met.