Natasha Hussain with her Daughter Actress Tanya Hussain

Famous Model and actress Natasha Hussain with her Daughter Actress Tanya Hussain. Natasha Hussain is the famous model of Pakistan .she worked in few dramas as well, her famous drama was Chaltay Chaltay and Yaqeen ka Safar in which she worked with Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir. she started her career in very young age. she is a mother of two daughters Tanya Hussain and Zara Hussain

Tanya Hussain worked in many dramas and working in the upcoming drama Tana Bana with Alizeh Shah and Dnaiyal Zafar, previously she worked in drama Kashf and Log kya Kahengy.

Tanya Hussyn also awarded Ammi award on Women’s Day she said,  huge honour to be a part of the Ammi Awards and to be present among such inspirational, successful, and empowered women! I’d like to dedicate this award to my mother and to all the beautiful mothers out there! I’m nothing without my mother and I’m truly grateful for the precious bond we share! Thank you

Tanya Hussain on the Set of Drama Tana Bana with Alizeh Shah