Nadia Khan Nida Yasir and Sadia Imam Shared their Electricity Bills Details

Nadia Khan, Nida Yasir, and Sadia Imam, three prominent Pakistani television personalities, recently took to social media to share their electricity bills, sparking a public conversation about rising utility costs. By openly disclosing their bills, they shed light on the financial challenges faced by ordinary citizens.

This move not only demonstrates their commitment to transparency but also their empathy for the concerns of their fellow Pakistanis. It serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of addressing economic issues and advocating for affordability in essential services. Their actions set an example for using their influence to address pressing societal concerns.

Sadiam Imam Bill Rs 67000 with 2 Ac’s

Nida Yasir Bill 1 Lac with 3 Ac’s but this bill is for half month

Fiza Ali Bill 60,000 with 2 Ac’s