Minal Khan to Take Legal Action Against Feroze Khan

Minal Khan to Take Legal Action Against Feroze Khan for leaking her mobile number and home address online 

Minal Khan takes to social media to write about having received hundreds of messages and phone calls which caused her ‘severe mental distress’, due to her personal phone number getting leaked out onto the Internet by Feroze Khan.

Yesterday my private information including my personal phone number was leaked on social media. It was an utterly shameful act that was carried out intentionally by @ferozekhan on the absurd pretext of issuing a legal notice.

This action of his has caused me severe mental distress as I have been receiving hundreds of calls and messages. My personal security has been breached & put at risk as I have been mentally harassed, tortured & threatened by multiple numbers. Me and my family’s life has been put in danger.

Such actions are illegal – This being said I will be taking very strict legal action against Feroze khan for leaking my private information on social media along with multiple other famous individuals.