Latest Pictures of Sohai Ali Abro with her Husband

Sohai Ali Abro shared the latest pictures with her husband Shehzar Muhammad, the couple got married a few months ago. Shehzar Muhaamd is a grandson of Famous ex-Cricketer Hanif Muhammad and son of Cricketer Shoaib Muhammad.

Sohai Ali Abro is a famous actress of Pakistan she is currently appearing in Vasay Chaudhry’s show on Ary Digital Gahbrana Mana hai.

people criticize her for her dressing in recent pictures with her husband to which her fan replied and her comment becomes a top comment in no time here it is ” People who are pointing at their closeness- they are married! And those pointing at her clothing- Islam teaches us to not point at others as Allah is there to judge better. Nobody has to worry about others’ deeds. He Is the creator and the best judge. All we should care about is we don’t poke our nose in others’ matters or be a reason for someone’s sadness. If you don’t find something appropriate you always have the option to ignore it. – Regards