Latest Beautiful pictures of Zahid Ahmed with his Family

Latest Beautiful pictures of Zahid Ahmed with his Family

We flew to Islamabad to see family a few days before Eid and our biggest concern was safety during travel.. that the kids would want to take off their masks and touch surfaces unnecessarily. Tried to avoid it by prepping them before hand how theyll have to keep wearing the mask till we get to nana-nanis house and no food during the journey.

I made them wear the plastic face shields over the masks also but that soon became a nuisance and they were constantly taking them off because of pack of visibility .

Put on a 1:30 hour long movie for them in the plane which kept them busy all the while with no major tantrums while we were in the plane except for changing seats thrice to sit by the window😜 I kept using the sanitizer every 20 minutes on all 4 of us. Even sneaked in a 15 min nap😂

Reached home, clean our clothes and luggage, showered and changed into new clothes and then met everybody and then had a hearty, yummy tea party with the family

May Allah keep us all safe.