Javeria Saud Doing Eid Shopping with her Family

Javeria Saud Doing Eid Shopping with her Family. Javeria Saud recently shared a video on her youtube channel where she went for Eid Shopping for 2 days .first day she went with her mother and daughter Jannat, they went to Dolmen Mall Karachi for Eid Shopping, Javeria Saud is also running her own clothing brand and she told that her dresses are available at FPL store in Dolmen Mall Karachi.

The second day she went to another market with her sister’s family for Eid Shopping, you can watch in her youtube video. Javeria Saud told that her daughter Jannat is not very fond of Shopping and Javeria always did shopping for her. Javeria Saud also said that help those people around you who don’t afford to buy things on Eid