Host Shafaat Ali and Rebecca Faryal Celebrating their 6th Wedding Anniversary

Shafaat Syed and Rebeccca Faryal celebrating their 6th Wedding Anniversary .they shared their Mehndi Day Pictures Shafaat SAID,Happy 6th Anniversary !!! Who would have guessed that I would get to marry a Disney princess when I grew up? Me being the bear who acts as her sidekick … 😉 …Happy Anniversary princess Rebecca Faryal

Rebecca Faryal Said, My mehndi day : Afghani theme,  I am one of those girls jis ko shadi pa saray arman puray karnay thay ,har larki ki tarah har cheez perfect chaiye te , keeping in mind the budget was super tight ! stage se beth kar coordinate karny wali dulhan jis ko aunties batein karti hein (hawww dulhan to bari koi BOLD hai )
Let them have some topic to gossip  its my day and ill make the most if it Entry songs se la kar afghani dance preparations ,it was a super fun mehndi all thanks to my sisters , cousins , friends who made it possible for me