Feroze Khan Instagram Posts with Strange Captions

Rumours of Feroze Khan and Alizey Khan’s separation have been rife since the start of this month.

People are speculating about the separation since they both have unfollowed each other on Instagram, and no official statement has been released. Alizeh also Deleted her Instagram account few days ago but she is back now on Instagram

Amidst the rumours, the Feroze khan posted a picture with his son, along with a cryptic caption: “If she don’t like children, we can’t party.”

Later, the Feroze deleted the Instagram caption but people are still talking about it! 

After Feroze Khan’s post, Alizey Khan took to Instagram and posted a lovely click with her son Sultan, penning down a blissful note:

“I asked God to send me man who will always protect and love me, so he grant me a Son.”

after that Feroze post few more posts

Report by Daily Pakistan