Feroze Khan Hiking with Actress Najiba Faiz

Feroze Khan’s recent hiking escapade with Pashto actress Najiba Faiz stirred a whirlwind of speculation about their relationship. The shared adventure, punctuated by picturesque views, ignited rumors of a romantic involvement.

However, both Feroze Khan and Najiba Faiz firmly denied any romantic entanglement, asserting their friendship as the basis of their camaraderie. The controversy exemplified the intense scrutiny that public figures endure, with private moments often misconstrued.

Pashto Actress and TV Host Najiba Faiz issued a statement regarding her pictures with Feroze Khan. In her statement, she mentioned, “I believe hiking is a healthy hobby, enjoyed with friends from different walks of life. Recently, my trusted friend Feroze Khan joined me. Although shared photos sparked controversies, I don’t intrude into his personal life. Let’s refrain from baseless speculations.”