Famous Youtuber Iqra Kanwal in Dubai

Famous YouTuber Iqra Kanwal is currently in Dubai, accompanied by her fiancé. Their shared journey showcases love and adventure in the glamorous city, as they explore its wonders and create beautiful memories together.

Discussing Iqra’s financial standing, Momin Saqib inquired, “Is it accurate to say that your net worth ranges from 55,000 to 80,000 dollars up to 2023?” Iqra responded inquisitively, “How are you privy to this ? Such details are typically kept confidential.” While not refuting the information about her income and net worth, Iqra affirmed her status as a taxpayer and emphasized that genuine wealth comes from the love and support of her audience.

She also told that she spent 50 lac in her recent Dubai trip and even eat 4 lac dinner in Dubai