Famous Party Girl Dananeer and ACCA Topper Zara Naeem in Nida Yasir Morning Show

Today Nida Yasir invited Dananeer and Zara Naeem . The Party girl ” Dana Neer and ACCA student Zara Naeem ( who topped in Financial reporting exam of ACCA) in Nida Yasir show Good Morning Pakistan.

Dana Neer got famous through her video she posted on Instagram and that video went viral overnight not only in Pakistan but other countries as well many local and international celebrities made videos copying her and she got 100k+ Instagram followers in few days . she said she is enjoying the fame and will made more funny videos in future ..

Zara Naeem got worldwide Top position in one of ACCA Exam and got fame when some Social Media pages reported about her and she went viral all over Social Media .but she is not the first one who got top position worldwide there were many Pakistani Students in past who got top position worldwide .

Anum Shahid (ACCA) commented on a post that she got three top positions worldwide but didn’t get any recognition in Pakistan here you can read what she said ”  got 3 global positions in ACCA but never got such limelight..infact in every attempt there are 14 position holders of every paper..no one is getting such fame. If its matter of appreciation then all position holders should be appreciated.