Famous Designer Asim Jofa’s Daughter Passed Away

Famous fashion and jewelry designer Asim Jofa recently experienced the heartbreaking loss of his youngest daughter due to a sudden illness. Sharing the sorrowful news on his personal Facebook page on December 31, the designer, recognized for his distinctive and opulent collections, revealed the passing of his daughter, Aira Asim, in London.

She succumbed to a sudden brain hemorrhage after a few days of hospitalization, despite a valiant fight for her life. In his post, originally named Muhammad Asim, Jofa requested prayers for his departed daughter. The somber announcement saddened many, highlighting the fragility of life even in the midst of creativity and glamour.

Mansha Pasha wrote: “So so sorry to hear this asim- have been praying for u all. May Allah rest her soul and give the family strength.”

Mohib Mirza posted: “I am so sorry bhai, can’t imagine the sorrow and pain you are going through, my prayers and deepest condolences.”

Aijaz Aslam expressed his deepest condolences “during this incredibly difficult time”, and prayed for strength and patience in this “incredibly tough time”.

Muneeb Butt called the news “heart breaking”, while Shiraz Uppal prayed for courage to bear this “irreparable loss”.

Zahid Ahmed posted: “Very sorry for your loss. May Allah Swt bless her with the highest rank in Jannah and give patience to your family. Inna lilahe wa inna ilehe rajeun.”