Faisal Rehman at the Wedding of his Niece

Faisal Rehman at the Wedding of his Niece .Pictures by Durrani Clicks & Films.

Faisal Rehman is a Pakistani film and television actor, writer and director. He has worked in 36 films and many television shows…

Faisal Rehman’s ancestors hail from Afghanistan with roots in the Mohammadzai clan of Kabul belonging to Barakzai branch of the Durrani confederacy. He is a nephew of noted Bollywood actor, Rehman, and his brother Fasih Ur Rehman is a classical dancer, their father is cinematographer
He was only a 14-year-old boy when he landed his first role in Nazar-ul-Islam’s film Nahi Abhi Nahi..

He recently worked with Hina Altaf in two dramas one is Aatish and other is Gumrah.