Complete Story of Hania Amir’s Engagement

Twitter is a wild place with a sea of hashtags that can make or break people…

And lately, the hashtag #MangniMubarakHania has been in one of the top trends on twitter and people think it’s about Hania Aamir. Hania herself is just as confused

Earlier this week, a trend on Twitter spread rumours of Aamir being engaged, and according to the star herself, ranked number one on Twitter at one point. Today, Hania Aamir took to her Instagram story to laugh at the rumours.

Her Twitter notifications were flooded, she revealed, and when curiosity finally got the best of her, she found out about the hashtag that had everyone believing she was engaged

However, the background story is completely different. This hashtag was started by a group of friends to wish their friend Hania on her engagement but people misunderstood and thought it’s about Hania Aamir. One after another, people started joining in and congratulated Hania Aamir.