Beautiful Pictures of Pakistani Celebrities on Independence Day

Beautiful Pictures of Pakistani Celebrities on Independence Day..

Sumbul Iqbal is a well known face of the industry and she was seen celebrating Independence Day with zeal and zest. She shared her pictures from today in which she could be seen wearing beautiful white outfit while holding the national flag and no doubt she looked absolutely bewitching.

Srha Asghar is a young Pakistani actress who usually appeared as supporting actresses in many famous drama serials. She looked damn cute in her picture while kissing the national flag out of respect and love. She looked splendid in her white shirt and green waist coat.

Zaid Ali T and Yumna are the two biggest names of YouTuber community. They also shared their beautiful pictures from this celebration. They both looked absolutely amazing and stunning in their white and green outfits.

Sonya Hussain is another famous star of the drama and film industry. She also shared some of her cutest clicks from today’s celebrations. In these clicks she looked super happy and excited to celebrate the Independence day. She looked completely different yet bewitchingly beautiful by wearing jhumkas with jeans and white shirt.

Humayun Saeed definitely needs no introduction when you are talking about the industry stuff. He has been working the industry since he started his career many years ago. He celebrated this beautiful day with more beautiful and charming style by keeping the national flag on his shoulder to give the tribute to the dear motherland.

Sanya Shamshad looked absolutely stunning while celebrating this beautiful day. She carried a beautiful white and parrot outfit quite gracefully.

Another biggest name of the industry Faisal Qureshi also celebrated the Independence Day with his lil and cutest family in order to emphasis the importance of this most beautiful day in the history of Pakistan. They all looked so happy and cute together.

Fiza Ali went a bit ahead by wearing a beautiful parrot saree to celebrate the independence. She looked absolutely stunning and beautiful in this attire as always.

Danish Taimoor also looked super handsome while holding the national flag gracefully while celebrating freedom.

Ahmad Butt also excitingly celebrated the day of freedom with his beautiful wife and son. They both looked adorable in their white dresses holding the flag.


Maya Ali also looked immensely beautiful while celebrating the Independence Day. She shared a picture with a broad smile on her face showcasing the love for her nation.

Hareem Farooqi also shared her enchanting pictures on social media by holding flag in her hands.

Shaista Lodhi also spotted celebrating the Independence Day with full zeal and zest.

Yushma Gill looked stunning in her beautiful green outfit.

Sahiba Afzal looked absolutely decent and gorgeous in her pictures from today’s celebrations.