Beautiful Pictures of Grand Daughter of Noor Jahan Natasha Kahlid with her New Born Baby

Natasha Khalid is Grand Daughter of Mdam Noor Jahan and Daughter of Hina Durrani. she is famous makeup artist and running a Natasha’s salon in Karachi ..

one of the most influential makeup artists in Pakistan, Natasha Khalid of Natasha Salon recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

Following the birth, Natasha has continued to make several appearances on Instagram live, as well as posting pictures and videos of herself and her newborn, both looking absolutely flawless. 

Hina Durrani Daughter of Noor Jahan


Natasha Khalid Said,  I have always been in awe of those women I see that somehow seem to go back to being fit & look like they have it all together right after having a baby. Whilst I always wished them well I also realized the kind of pressure it put on all us women in general, as all of our journeys with our bodies are different and are not meant to be the same. With all the beauty videos that I’m posting there has been influx of messages of how I lost all my baby weight ? How do I look so put together with such a small baby?

And I want to tell all the women & mamas messaging me that I have not lost the baby weight , I have a mama belly & am softer all over, my focus right now is my baby and eating what I love & indulging. And that is OK.
I also am forever feeling like I’m not doing enough , forever trying to set routines for her , bathe her , play with her , do it all in time while juggling work and relationships and I am not able to do that most days. And that is OK.

Having a baby may be one of the hardest things we do as women because alongside the absolute joy is a loss of self , massive hormonal shifts, I am paranoid about protecting my baby all the time, I fight with my husband & mom most days and cry in the shower without fail every day. And that is OK.
These pictures taken today is me in my Sunday best , which is no makeup, my husbands shirt, burp cloth, crumpled pyjamas, oil in my hair , Noor in my hands & smile on my face. I don’t have it all together and I don’t have all the answers. I am learning to be a mom alongside my Noor , falling apart most of the time but then getting up and trying again. To everyone who struggles , I feel you and send so much power & love to all mamas & women out there. We are absolutely powerful & incredible in every way , don’t let anyone make you feel any different.