Beautiful Clicks of Famous Dananeer Mobeen with her Mother

Beautiful Clicks of Famous Dananeer Mobeen with her Mother. Dananeer shared beautiful Pictures with her Mother on Mother’s Day she wrote  Maa . Mother This is a beautiful relationship that cannot be expressed in words so that’s why we don’t need to write anything .

There is not only one day for mothers but every day is for mothers. Here’s to celebrating, loving and cherishing our mothers every single day. Everything and anything that I am today is because of you. Your kind heart, your loving nature, your beautiful soul, your wit, your humor, Thank you for bringing us into this world and taking care of us every single day after that.  But all I want to say to all the mothers out there we are only because of you.

To all my beautiful people reading this, whose mothers aren’t in their lives or in this world anymore and whose relationship with their mothers is strained, I see you. You’re loved, you’re cherished and your efforts and struggles are acknowledged. You’re not alone on this day or ever. I love you