Alizeh Shah accused of Beating her co-star Minsa Malik on Set

Emerging actress Minsa Malik has lodged an FIR against her fellow actor, Alizeh Shah, accusing Shah of engaging in physical abuse during a shoot. As per the complaint filed in Islamabad, Malik alleges that Shah turned to violence after being confronted about disrespectful behavior. Minsa Malik claims, “While the cameras rolled during the shoot of ‘Mohabbat Ki Aakhri Kahani,’ I was on set.

Alizeh Shah was visibly under the influence of drugs. She approached me and hurled a marijuana-laced cigarette. I instinctively stepped back, and in response, slapped her. This triggered her into physically assaulting me. She used offensive language, tore her own clothing, and screamed.”

The FIR further read, “Alizeh Shah tried to throw her sandal at me, but I moved out of the way. She was completely high when she misbehaved.