35 Year Old Pakistani Man Married to 70 Year Old Canadian National

A unique love story unfolded as a 35-year-old Pakistani man decided to tie the knot with a 70-year-old Canadian national. The couple’s remarkable age gap didn’t deter them from pursuing their affectionate bond. The Canadian lady’s visit to Pakistan marked the beginning of their journey, not just in matrimony but also the visa process.

This couple has shared their lives for approximately six years. It all began when the woman, reaching out to a man named Shahzad on Facebook, initiated a friendship that gradually blossomed into a deep romantic connection, culminating in marriage.

Shahzad firmly asserts that his intentions are not driven by financial gain or visa aspirations, even though his Canadian visa application faced rejection. Remarkably, his wife generously provides for him and prioritizes his well-being, discouraging him from employment that might compromise his health.

To sustain themselves, the couple is venturing into the world of YouTube by launching their own channel.